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Post by DEADMAN on Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:51 pm

Forum ranks.

Newbie= 0 posts

Rookie=10 posts

Player= 50 posts

Gamer= 100 posts

semi pro= 150 posts

Pro= 200 posts

Mad= 300 posts

Legend= 500 posts

GOD= 1500 posts


To create your own usergroup, you have to have reached the rank mad. Once you have achived this rank, p.m one of the admins, tell them what your usergroup name will be, and then you will be able to add people into your group.

You cannot join the admins,globalmoderators or moderators groups. (this will be decided by the admins)

Warnings Bar.

your warning bar,is your warning level. The more you have the better. You will get a few chances and if your bar goes down to banned, you will be banned.


You can gamble on credits just like you can on respect and exp.
A admin may transfer how many credits he wants to any member regardless of the admins credits.(Dont ask)

We can also take credits away.(It would be for a reason)
With credits, you will be able to buy things.

One respect= 300 credits.
One Exp=100 credits.
A special rank for a month=2000 credits.
A special rank for 2 months=4000 credits. and so on.
Name change=3000 credits.

Sending a P.M will cost you 2 credits.

You will need to ask a admin before you want to buy anything.

How are credits earned?
- Credits generated by the number of posts
- Credits generated by the number of topics created
- Credits
generated by other things you do on this board.



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